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Shearing Sports Wales brings you all the information about wool handling and competitions throughout Wales - Go To Our Home Page
About us

About Us
  1. To present Shearing and wool handling competitions as an entertaining sport and provide the general public with a better understanding of the industry
  2. Shearing Sports Wales  primary objective are to promote and encourage excellence within the shearing industry, interest in wool, and an appreciation of the art and skill of sheep shearing and wool handling through the staging of competitions.
  3. To educate, train and encourage better techniques in shearing and wool handling for the benefit of the major rural industry from which it derives
  4. To provide the opportunity for Wales’s best shearers, wool handlers and judges to represent their country in international competition.
  5. Shearing Sports Wales is run by a committee A Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
  6. Shearing Sports Wales will aim to financially support the Welsh Team and Manager throughout the year when competing in Shows and Test Matches.
  7. All competitions associated with Shearing Sports Wales have to be affiliated to BISCA – The British Isles Shearing Competitions Association. This ensures that a standard of rules and regulations are adhered to at all competitions to provide a level playing field across the UK and Ireland in machine shearing, blade shearing & wool handling. 
  8. To gather a data base of all the sponsors supporting shearing throughout Wales.
  9. A database for Judges Competitors and Commentators in Wales.

Welsh Team
Team Manager -- Martyn David 
Machine - Gwion Lloyd Evans & Ian Jones
Blade - Elfed Jackson & Gareth Owen
Wool Handling - Ffion Jones and Robyn Charlton

Sponsors for 2016/17 Organisers would like to thank the following for their kind support.

Mid Wales Egg Production, Lister, Kiwikit, Bisca, British Wool Marketing Board, National Sheep Association, Streamline Entertainment, Labour Force Europe Ltd, Shearing Sports Wales, Brian and Elwyn Jones, Ray Davies,Bill Jones, The late Ivor Williams.

If you would like to sponsor events, activities, website or newsletters, please contact us for full details.